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“Two voices are there; one is of the sea, One of the mountains: each a mighty Voice” William Wordsworth

Hiking and Trekking Italian Riviera and the Sea Alps

Italian Riviera is the place where the Mediterranenan Sea and the Alps merge together, an amazing coastal and mountain world  between France Cote d’Azur and Tuscany.

The idea: discover the pearls of the region with maximum flexibility and tailor made itineraries, without forgetting history, art, nature and of course local cuisine.

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Why Coming

In a relatively small area around the historical city of Genova you can choose between visiting the amazing Unesco Beigua Geopark, balcony on the sea, the astonishing Regional park of Portofino, the worldwide famous climbing and biking area of Finale Ligure and Unesco Cinqueterre National Park.

Last but not least exploring the Sea Alps, often covered with snow, not far away from the Mediterranean.

Choose your trek

A tailor made proposal for your next route in Riviera

Personalized Tours


Hiking days in Riviera

Are you in NW Italy either in vacation or in business travel? What’ s better than a fully guided hike, breathing the air of the sea alps

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Guided Tours


Hiking and trekking weekend

A weekend is the perfect lenght of time to get an impression of the beauties of italian riviera.

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Self Guided Tours


Self guided hiking and trekking

The ideal formula for those who want explore the different, several landscapes of this wonderful land between mountain and the sea in complete freedom.

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Native and living in Italian Riviera, Hiking guide, multilingual world traveler, with a deep knowledge and experience of Alps and Dolomites, fond of geography, travelling, outdoor sports and nature, i hiked, biked,climbed, skied, walked the world around me since my grandfather took me as a small child exploring the world.

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